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Stress - Buster

Stress is a major curse to the modern life. The stress related disorders include insomnia, loss of appetite, ulcers, back pain etc. This excessive pressure not only causes discomforts but also affects the longevity of life. In this context Ayurveda gives importance to destress programmes like  massages, therapeutic treatments like shirodhara Massage of neuro-musculo-skeletal (marma) joints keeps tissues free from toxins, releasing fatigue, toning and relaxing muscles, and ensures that nutrients are directed to the right channels. When waste and toxins are removed, the body’s organs and tissues return to their normal levels of function and we are rewarded with calm and restful alertness. Medicated oils enhance the detoxification, and the loosening and elimination process, while also softening and lubricating the tissues. These actions result in stress release. Shirodhara is one of the major treatments in Ayurveda to reduce the mental stresses of daily life and tension headaches. Highly recommended in insomnia. This is highly beneficial for stress management and to encourage body and soul to achieve tranquillity of the mind. Shiroabyanga or Ayurvedic Head Massage includes the stimulation of all marma points on the head and face. It is advised for reducing tension, stress, and headache and sinus conditions. Shirodhara and Shiroabyanga gives wonderful relaxation to body.