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Shoulder / Back pain

Shoulder pain and back pain are really a curse to the people. Back pain radiates to the upper side to the neck and the shoulders. In some the pain radiates to the lower back and then to the legs. Shoulder pain and back pain are usually stress related. Frozen shoulder is another condition affecting the movement of shoulder. Ayurvedic Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage helps  reducing  the pain, stiffness and stress of the back, neck and shoulders. Ayurvedic therapeutic treatments like pinda sweda and kati vasthi helps to relieve back pain, inter-vertebral disc prolapse, sciatica etc. The Ayurvedic treatment pinda sweda is very effective in frozen shoulder. This facilitates the movement of shoulder joint thus releasing the stiffness of  muscles. Ayurvedic massage includes the marma points of the body. The pressure applied to the marma points helps in relieving the pain and swellings of the body ,giving relief from the stress.