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Post- Natal Care

Pregnancy is a very important period in the lifecycle of a woman. During this period many changes occur to the skin and it will remain for a long time after pregnancy. The most important change is the loss of elasticity of abdominal skin due to overstretching. The muscles of the abdomen will lose the tone. The result is flabby abdomen with stretch marks. The abdominal massages help regain the tone of the muscles and reduces the excess fat. Ayurveda advocates specific diets and regimen during pregnancy and after pregnancy. Post natal kits are given to the lactating mothers to increase their strength and tone of the body, aids in milk production also.The abdominal massage helps to reinstate the tonicity of uterus. Most women complain about back pain and weight gain after pregnancy, postal natal care treatments and massages with special Ayurvedic oils help reducing back pain and weight gain.